The Kryukov Railcar Building Works (Kremenchuk, Poltava region) has won a tender for supply of six diesel trains to the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia).

The Kryukov Railcar Building Works offered to supply the diesel trains for UAH 1.06182 billion compared with the expected price of UAH 1.062 billion.

The Kharkiv railcar plant offered to supply the diesel trains at the cost of UAH 1,062 million.

The diesel trains are to be delivered by December 25, 2019.

As reported, this was Ukrzaliznytsia’s third attempt to purchase diesel trains. It rejected bids from the Kryukov Railcar Building Works and the Kharkiv railcar plant in August 2017 because the tender documentation did not meet the requirement and canceled the tender it invited in March of the same year.

A similar tender was canceled in February 2018 due to lack of quorums at meetings of the tender committee.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s only modern regional diesel train was produced the Kryukov Railcar Building Works. This diesel train began operation in October 2015.