The Kyivskyi Metropoliten, the municipal enterprise that operates the Kyiv subway system, has announced that the Kyivmetrobud company offered the lowest price in the tender for extension of the Kyiv subway to the Vinogradar residential district, the CFTS reports.

"Bidding for construction of a section of the Syretsko-Pecherska subway line from the Syrets station to the Vinogradar residential district and a depot in the Podilskyi district … has ended in the ProZorro electronic public procurement system," Kyivskyi Metropoliten announced in a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday evening.

According to the statement, Kyivmetrobud offered to perform the construction work for UAH 5,981,268, 736 (including VAT), which is the lowest price (UAH 12.214 million lower than expected).

Kyivskyi Metropoliten invited tenders for the construction work in January 2018.

The Kyiv municipal administration approved the project for construction of this section of the subway in July 2018. The construction work is expected to take 36 months.