The Lviv airport introduced several kinds of discounts for airlines that want to launch new flights or provide the airport with steady passenger traffic in October, reports.

The airport has introduced coefficients for reducing airport charges and the costs of ground handling and passenger services.

The discounts are differentiated depending on the origin of an airline that launches a flight, as well as depending on whether the relevant route is new or already existing.

For example, an airline that opens flights to a new destination from the Lviv airport can expect a 70% discount on airport charges in the first year of operations, 50% in the second year, and 30% in the third year.

An airline that launches flights on already existing route can expect a discount of up to 70% for two years.

This is expected to stimulate the Lviv airport and airlines with a high number of flights from Lviv. For example, an airline can be granted a 10% discount on ground handling services if it operates at least 30 flights per month and a 10-30% discount on passenger services it transports at least 5,000 passengers through the airport per month.