Moldova’s Transport Minister Iurie Chirinciuc has inspected the progress of the repair works on a segment of the Chisinau-Giurgiulesti national highway, which is being performed by Pa & Co International (Romania). The press service of the ministry announced this in a statement.

Experts concluded that the repair work on the 96-122 kilometer segment of the highway has reached 60 percent completion while the repair work on the 122-151 kilometer segment has reached 71 percent. Pa & Co International’s head Dan Balcanu said that the entire highway, including the 151-171 kilometer stretch, would go into operation on 27 August this year. According to him, the company's employees are currently repairing three bridges on the highway.

The repair work is being performed with financial support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The minister also inspected the progress of the repair work on the Chisinau-Ungheni-Sculeni highway. Experts of the ministry found that the Evrascon company (Azerbaijan) has performed 28% of the work in the 6-24 kilometer segment instead of the expected 65%. In the 24-68 kilometer and 96-103 kilometer segments, the OHL ZS company (Czech Republic) has performed 13% of the work instead of the expected 77% and 15% instead of the expected 62%, respectively. Chirinciuc warned contractors about a possible shortage of funds to pay for the works if they fail to complete the works within the contractually stipulated periods.

As reported, the Moldovan Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure intended to terminate the contract with the contractors repairing the Chisinau-Ungheni-Sculeni highway in September 2015 because the contractors completed no more than 5% of the works in one year instead of 50%.