The Nibulon shipyard launched the first of eight barges under the B2000 project, which will be used for transporting grain on the Southern Bug River, on 19 May. The second vessel of this series will be launched on 1 June. The press service of the Nibulon company, which owns the Nibulon shipyard, announced this in a statement.

This is the thirteenth order for the shipyard. A single vessel of this type is constructed over 4-5 months. The shipyard can work on 3-4 such orders simultaneously. Nibulon plans to launch vessels of this series monthly – six such barges with total carrying capacity of 12 tons will have been launched by the end of the year.

The barges will operate in conjunction with tugs from the Project 121. As a result, a single caravan (a tug from the Project 121 and two vessels from the B2000 project) will be able to transport up to 4,000 tons of grain on a single trip. A single such trip will allow 100 trucks to be taken off the roads in the Mykolaiv region.

"The length of the waterway on this river is 138 kilometers, and such events (the launch of the vessel) bring us closer to being able to transport up to 1 million tons of agricultural products per year. This will allow us to take up to 50,000 trucks off the roads from Voznesensk to Mykolaiv," Nibulon’s General Director Oleksii Vadaturskyi said at the launch ceremony.

This year, the Nibulon shipyard will process more than 6,000 tons of ship metal for building vessels for Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises. The shipyard processed a total of 200 tons three years ago, 1,200 tons a year later, and 3,700 tons last year, according to the press service.