Passenger traffic through airports in mainland Ukraine reduced by 25.9% to 740,100 in January 2015, compared with the corresponding period of 2013, according to the data from the State Aviation Service.

Excluding the ruined airports in Donetsk and Luhansk, the figure reduced by 18.8%.

The number of passengers on international routes reduced by 23.5% to 661,500. Excluding the Donetsk and Luhansk airports, the number reduced by 17%.

The number of passengers handled by the Boryspil airport reduced by 14.1% and the number of passengers handled by Kyiv’s sec0ond airport – the Zhulyany airport – reduced by 36.3% to 75,300 in January, compared with January 2014.

Passenger traffic through the Odessa airport reduced by 10.6% to 64,800. Passenger traffic through the Lvov airport reduced by 19% to 34,900. Passenger traffic through the Kharkov airport reduced by about 49.2% to 24,600. Passenger traffic through the Dnepropetrovsk airport reduced by 32.4% to 25,500.