The Pesa Bydgoszcz company (Poland) has delivered fore more low-floor trams to Kyiv. Thus, the tram manufacturer has completed the implementation of a contract for supply of 10 trams to the Kyivpastrans municipal transport enterprise (Kyiv), the Kyiv municipal administration’s department of transport infrastructure told the CFTS portal.

The trams arrived in Kyiv on Friday evening. They are expected to begin operation before the end of the year.

Deliveries of Pesa trams began in the summer, with the first tram arriving in Kyiv in August. Kyivpastrans took delivery of the second tram in November. Four more trams arrived in Kyiv on 9 and 16 December.

As the CFTS earlier reported, the Pesa Bydgoszcz company won a tender for supply of 10 low-floor Foxtrot trams to Kyiv in April. The contract was worth EUR 11.5 million. The Polish company also announced its intention to launch production of low-floor trams in Kyiv.