The amendments to the 2020 state budget that the parliament adopted on Monday, April 13, provide for reduction of infrastructure financing by UAH 1 billion, the CFTS portal reports, citing the RAIL.Insider publication.

Funding for the Ministry of Infrastructure will reduce from UAH 4.954 billion to UAH 3.983 billion this year. Funding for the Dnipro airport will reduce by UAH 900 million (from UAH 1 billion to UAH 100 million).

In addition, the parliament reduced the funds allocated for servicing shipping locks from UAH 116 million to UAH 39 million and reduced the funds allocated for maintenance of the Ministry of Infrastructure by UAH 80 million to UAH 170 million.

Only funding for the Road Fund remains unchanged.

In general, the budgetary amendments increased the 2020 state budget’s projected deficit by UAH 202 billion to UAH 298.4 billion (from UAH 96.3 billion), reduced its projected revenues by UAH 119.75 billion to UAH 975.8 billion (from UAH 1,095.6 billion), and increased its projected expenditures by UAH 82.4 billion to UAH 1,266.4 billion (from UAH 1,184 billion). 

The budgetary amendments also provide for creation of a UAH-64.9-billion fund for combating the coronavirus epidemic.