The Mariupol port intends to handle 200,000 thousand tons of coastal cargoes per month to supply enterprises in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions with the raw materials required for manufacturing, the state-owned Mariupol Commercial Seaport’s Director Oleksandr Oliinik told the CFTS.

According to him, about 100,000 tons of coastal cargoes have already been handled. "We ship 50-70 railcars with raw materials per day, and we plan to reach 100 railcars. We will continue working under this scheme until the situation normalizes… A month, two, or three..." Oliinik said.

As reported, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has announced its intention to introduce regular coastal traffic between the ports of Mariupol and other mainland parts of Ukraine in order to deliver raw materials to industrial enterprises in the region.

The reason for this is the significant damage to railway infrastructure in the zone of the government’s “anti-terrorist operation,” which has greatly complicated the delivery of products, and the inability to guarantee delivery of raw materials to producers threatens shutdown of enterprises.