Seaports in continental Ukraine increased cargo transshipment by 7.4 percent to 91.301 million tons in January-August 2014, compared with the same period of 2013. The press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure announced this n a statement, citing operational data from the Administration Seaports of Ukraine (ASU).

State-owned port operators handled 31.994 million tons or 35.1 percent of the total volume during this period.

Private port operators handled 59.307 million tons through all berths (64.9 percent of the total), including 30.988 million tons through the ASU’s berths (33.9 percent).

Transshipment of export cargo increased by 15.9 percent to 66.356 million tons, transshipment of import cargo reduced by 14.4 percent to 9.750 million tons, transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 4 percent to 14.388 million tons, and transshipment of coastal cargo reduced by 43.3 percent to 806,000 tons, compared with January-August 2013.

The volume of container transshipment at seaports totaled 449,332 TEU, which is 11.4 percent less than the volume in January-August 2013.