A Twinning project aimed at harmonizing Ukraine’s aviation rules with the European Union’s rules was launched at the Ministry of Infrastructure on 29 July, the CFTS correspondent reports reports.

The project "Approximation of the legislation of Ukraine in the fields of certification of aerodromes/ airports and airworthiness with the relevant EU norms and standards" has two components. The first component is aimed at upgrading regulatory framework and improving the Aviation Administration of Ukraine’s technical competence in the field of aerodromes/airports. The second component is aimed at strengthening SAAU technical potential in the field of initial and continuing airworthiness.

The project is funded by the European Union. The total investment is EUR 1.6 million.

"We are creating a new system that should be open and transparent,” Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian said. He expressed the hope that experts from Spain will help Ukraine achieve this.

Experts from Spanish aviation entities and Ukraine will share experiences over a period of 21 months. In particular, the project will involve 103 experts from Spain’s State Aviation Security and Flight Safety Agency and 81 experts from the Ukraine’s Aviation Administration.

The project leaders are the State Aviation Administration’s head Oleksandr Bilchuk and Eugenia Llorens Beltran de Heredia from Spain’s State Aviation Security and Flight Safety Agency.