The Kyiv District Administrative Court has decided to order the Aeroflot airline company to pay a fine of UAH 136,000 for each of 57 cases of unauthorized flights in Ukrainian airspace.

Kateryna Kapliar, the head of the State Aviation Service’s legal department, told journalists that the relevant decision was made by the court on 3 December.

According to her, this decision has already be sent to the State Bailiff Service, but Aeroflot has 10 days to appeal.

As reported, Ukrainian and foreign (except Russian) airlines stopped flying to the Crimea at the request of the Ukrainian authorities after the Russian annexation of the peninsula in March this year. Russian airlines have ignored the ban.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) earlier confirmed officially that the right to perform air navigation services at the Simferopol airport belongs exclusively to Ukraine. Russia's invasion of Ukraine’s sphere of influence in the aviation industry "will have irreversible consequences for Russian air navigation and Russian airline companies," the organization said in an official statement.

The Simferopol airport is currently linked to Russia by flights operated to about 15 destinations.