Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) plans to reduce the connection time between flights at the Boryspil airport to 40 minutes this year, the airline’s President Yurii Miroshnikov said in an interview with the Center for Transport Strategies.

"It is true that we plan this, and this is an important part of the optimization of our technologies - to ensure an aircraft turnover of 40 minutes in Boryspil... If Boryspil masters such a procedure together with UIA, it will become a little more attractive to low-cost airlines than it is now. We believe that 40 minutes is achievable through the coordinated efforts of the airline company, the airport, the customs, and border services, and this is not the limit," he said.

Founded in 1992, the UIA is the largest airline company in Ukraine. It has a fleet of 32 aircraft, of which five are Embraer 190 aircraft, four are Boeing 767 long-haul aircraft, and 23 are Boeing 737 medium-range aircraft, including 12 new generation Boeing 737-800/900 aircraft. According to the National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market, the shareholders of the UIA are the Kyiv-based Capital Investment Project (74.16%) and the Cyprus-based Ontobet Promotions (15.91%).