The Uber taxi service has unveiled its fares in Kyiv, the CFTS correspondent reports from a press conference by the management of the company.

The fare consists of three components: the base fare (UAH 25), the cost per kilometer (UAH 4.5), and the cost per minute (UAH 0.4).

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According to Uber’s presentation, it will charge UAH 40 for a ride from Kontraktova Square to Sofiivska Square, UAH 56 for a ride from from Obolon to the SkyMall shopping mall, UAH 85 for a ride from the Ukraina shopping mall to the VDNKh national expo center, UAH 71-88 for a ride from the Kyiv railway station to VDNKh, and UAH 82 for a ride from from the Ukraina shopping mall to Skymall.

Payment is exclusively cashless. Fares will be calculated not by drivers but by Uber’s computer system. In addition, breakdowns of the fares for specific rides will be sent to email accounts specified by passengers.

Uber began operation in Kyiv today on June 30.