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An-225 Mriya Sets South America Cargo Transport Record

This was the first visit to Chile by an An-225 aircraft

Antonov To Display An-178 In China

China Air Show 2016 will take place in Zhuhai

Parliament Approves Restructuring Of Antonov’s Debt To State

Penalties will not be levied on the debt amount

Antonov To Equip Ruslan And Mria Aircraft With British Tires

All the tests were performed with the participation of specialists from Dunlop.

Scandal Erupts Between Ukraine And Kazakhstan Over Construction Of An-74

The Ukrainian aviators have been unable to finish the promised An-74 despite the terms of the contract

Antonov To End Cooperation With Russian Company Volga-Dnepr

The Antonov state enterprise will have no joint projects with the Volga-Dnepr company by the end of this year.

Antonov Specifies Number Of Aircraft Built Since Independence

The enterprise began serial production only in late 2009, when the Antonov Serial Production Plant was merged with the Antonov ASTC.

Antonov Clarifies Issue Of Intellectual Property Rights To An-225 Mria And China

The Antonov enterprise will not transfer the intellectual property rights to the An-225 Mria to China.

China to provide money for construction of An-178

China Airspace company have pledged to advance money for production of the An-178.

Antonov To Complete Second An-225 Transport Plane For China

The agreement with Chinese company also provides for establishment of joint serial production of the An-225.

Antonov Begins Installing Canadian Engines On An-132D Demonstrator Aircraft

The PW150 engines offer exceptional payload capacity, fuel efficiency, environmental performance, and low-cost maintenance.

Aviakor To Pay Antonov USD 2.9 Million For Use Of Trademark

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has won a case against the Aviakor aircraft plant over remuneration (royalties) for the use of a trademark during manufacture.

Rada Allows Antonov To Establish Joint Ventures With Foreign Partners

The Ukrainian parliament has allowed enterprises in the aircraft manufacturing industry to establish joint ventures with foreign partners.

An-132D Aircraft To Be Equipped With Modern Propellers From Dowty Propellers

Dowty Propellers (Britain) will supply propeller systems for the engines of the prototype of the new AN-132D multipurpose aircraft.

India Interested In Antonov Transport Aircraft That Is Still In Development

India is interested in the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s An-188 transport plane, which is still in development, as well as in the An-124 "Ruslan" transport plane.

Upgraded An-22 Antheus Performs First Commercial Flight To Leipzig

The An-22 Antheus aircraft has resumed commercial operation. The aircraft performed its first commercial flight on 30 June after completion of restoration work.

Antonov Airlines’ An-124 Aircraft To Receive Upgraded Engines

The new engines are quieter and release less harmful substances into the atmosphere.

An-178 Aircraft To Fly To Farnborough air show

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise will participate in the Farnborough international air show, which will take place in Farnborough, near London, from 11 to 17 July.

The An-178’s Silk Road: What is Known about Antonov’s Deal with Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani airline, Silk Way Airlines, has become the first serious buyer for the An-178 aircraft. Several details of the contract, as well as when and where the carrier will use the Ukrainian aircraft, have emerged.

Ukraine Creates Antonov-Led Corporation Similar To Boeing And Airbus Corporations

The Ukroboronprom state defense concern has created a Ukrainian aircraft-manufacturing corporation headed by the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise.

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