The proportion of Ukrainian professionals involved in the Boeing aircraft manufacturing corporation’s projects has increased from 0.1 to 2% over the past three years. The director of the Progresstech Ukraine engineering company (Kyiv), Andrii Fialkovskyi announced this during the "Aerokongress 2016" forum. Experts from 50 countries are involved in Boeing projects.

According to him, three years ago, the proportion of Ukrainian involvement in the modeling of Boeing’s new generation of aircraft did not exceed 0.1% and the Ukrainian engineers involved in such work were working outside the country. "We have brought them back to Ukraine by offering highly intellectual jobs and invited new talented engineers," he said.

Citing forecasts by Fialkovskyi, Progresstech Ukraine said that the proportion could further increase 1.5-2-fold in the coming years.

Fialkovskyi also noted a gradual increase in demand for engineering services from the Ukrainian aviation market entities. Given the obvious revival of the airline industry, the managers of some Ukrainian airports are already preparing for the arrival of new airlines and reception of new types of aircraft. For this, many airports need to upgrade their infrastructure and prepare for an increase in passenger traffic.

"In the past month alone, about 10 airports have requested proposals from us on a wide range of services - reconstruction of airport facilities, development of infrastructure, and inspection airfield pavements," the director of Progresstech Ukraine said.

Progresstech Ukraine was established in 2007. It has two offices in Kyiv and representative offices in Kharkiv and Lviv. The company is a member of the Progresstech international group, which provides engineering services and innovative design solutions to the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, airports, and automotive companies. Progresstech Ukraine has been cooperating with Boeing in Ukraine since November 2013.