A night bus and three trolleybuses will begin operating from 23:00 to 06:00 in Kyiv on 30 December. One bus route and three trolleybus routes will connect the center of Kyiv with major residential districts, the Kyivpastrans municipal transport company announced."

The night trolleybuses will ply the routes No. 91n (Central Train Station-Myloslavska Street), No. 92n (Southern Train Station-Svobody Street), and No. 93n (Lva Tolstova Square subway station-Chornobylska Street). The night bus No. 137 will ply the route Central Train Station-Kharkivska subway station.

The night bus and trolleybuses will be launched in response to a petition by Kyiv residents, who collected 10,000 signatures. The fare will be UAH 3.

"The fare on the Kyivpastrans municipal enterprise’s night routes will be UAH 3, for now. Passengers on trolleybus routes Nos. 91n, 92n, and 93n and the bus route No. 137 will be surveyed over a period of 20 days. The final, economically justified fare will be set after a full monitoring of the operations of the new night routes…" Kyivpastrans’ General Director Dmytro Levchenko said.

The route plans are available on the website of Kyivpastrans.

As reported, night trams and trolleybuses were launched in Kharkiv in September.