PKP LHS - PKP Linia Chełmska Szerokotorowa (Chelm Broad Gauge Line), which is a subsidiary of Polish Railways (PKP S.A.), transported over 1 million tons of cargo in August. Freight transportation by LHS has increased by over 26% since the beginning of the year. 

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Nakolei publication. 

PKP LHS manages the broad-gauge railway line that runs from Poland’s border with Ukraine (Hrubieszow) to Slawkow. It has a length of about 395 kilometers. It is one of the major routes for transporting Ukrainian export goods by rail during the blockade of Ukrainian seaports. 

According to the company, the volume of cargo transportation in the period from January to August this year exceeded the volume in the same period last year by over 1,600,000 tons or 26%. 

In the period from the beginning of the war in Ukraine to the end of August this year, this increase was over 30%. 

According to PKP LHS, the largest margins of increase were in the transportation of grain, oil crops, and feed, which totaled over 1 million tons, a 280% increase compared with the previous year. 

The company is also responsible for organizing the transportation of humanitarian goods from Poland to Ukraine. "The introduction of large-scale transportation was made possible by the intensification of investment operations in recent years. The investment and organizational measures that are currently taking place will allow further development of PKP LHS’ existing transport and logistics capacities in the near future," the company said. 

As reported previously, the Polish state railway company PKP agreed to create the subsidiary company PKP LHS - PKP Linia Chełmska Szerokotorowa in June 2020. PKP LHS - PKP Linia Chełmska Szerokotorowa manages and maintains the railway infrastructure on the railway line No. 63 and transports freight on it. 

The railway line No. 63, with a combined 1520/1435-millimeter track gauge on the territory of Poland, runs from the Dorohusk border station to the Zawadówka-Naftobaza station to the west of Chelm. On the Ukrainian side, the route continues to Kovel.