Ukrainian cities received 52 trolleybuses in 2023, including 28 new and 24 used.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the publication Alltransua.

Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi continued to purchase new trolleybuses in small quantities, using local budget funds. Last year, they purchased PTS T12309 trolleybuses manufactured by the Brovary-based Politekhnoservice. Turkish-based AKIA manufactured the bodies of these trolleybuses.

Chernihiv also resumed the purchase of new rolling stock in 2023, purchasing six Etalon T12110 Barvynok trolleybuses from a local manufacturer.

In addition, Chernihiv has started the process of purchasing autonomous trolleybuses of the new model T12220. The first of these trolleybuses is already undergoing tests, but it is not included in the statistics because it has not yet been officially delivered to the city.

Unlike in recent years (including 2022), the procurement of new trolleybuses with funds from international financial institutions has significantly decreased because pre-war contracts have already been fulfilled, and new procurements were announced in 2023.

Only 7 Dnipro T203 trolleybuses were purchased with funds from international financial institutions in 2023, and Mykolaiv received them.

As of the end of 2023, the procurements of trolleybuses for Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, and Mykolaiv were in various stages.

Just like in the previous year, used trolleybuses accounted for a significant share of the rolling stock renewal. In 2023, all of them were purchased with budget funds, and there was no humanitarian aid.

Vinnytsia received the most trolleybuses in 2023: 14 Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses from Lublin (Poland). Lutsk purchased two Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses and two older Jelcz trolleybuses.

In addition, Ivano-Frankivsk purchased three Volvo 7000AT trolleybuses from Linz (Austria) and Khmelnytskyi purchased one Škoda 25Tr Irisbus Citelis trolleybus from Prešov (Slovakia). Chernivtsi received two Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses in the last days of December.