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Orlen Revives Plans To Build Oil Pipeline Connecting Odesa And Gdańsk Ports

Orlen’s management has revived the suspended Odesa - Brody - Płock - Gdańsk oil pipeline project.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Cooperate With Laude Intermodal Group

The two companies signed the relevant memorandum.

Poland Demands European Commission Ban Import Of Russian Agricultural Products Into EU

The European Commission has never proposed that EU countries impose sanctions on Russian farm products.

Almost 1,000 Wagons Loaded With Ukrainian Grain Waiting At Ukrainian-Polish Border Crossings

In particular, 155 wagons not allowed through by the Polish regulatory authorities have been at the Yahodyn - Dorohusk border crossing at the Dorohusk train station for a long time.

Lutsk Buys Used Solaris Low-Floor Trolleybuses

The city will receive four trolleybuses from Lublin.

Polish Company SKPL Applies For Rail Passenger Transportation From Warsaw To Ukraine

An SKPL train performed a test trip on the Lublin - Rava-Ruska route in early April.

First 6 Cars Donated To Kyiv Subway By Warsaw Ready For Transportation From Poland

They will soon arrive in Kyiv.

European Partners Urged Not To Curtail Rail Freight Transport From Ukraine

This mode of transport is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Ukraine Reaches Agreement On Resumption Of Transit Of Agricultural Products Through Poland

The transportation of agricultural products on transit will resume during the night of 20-21 April.

Mirror Response: Ukrzaliznytsia Explains Why It Suspended Transportation Of Freight To Poland

Ukrzaliznytsia imposed restrictions on the transportation of freight to Poland until the situation is resolved.

Active diversification and difficult decisions: how Russian aggression against Ukraine changes Lithuanian railway company LTG Cargo

CEO of LTG Cargo Eglė Šimė about the adaptation of the Lithuanian carrier to new economic and political conditions after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as about the company's strategic goal for the coming years.

Warsaw - Rava-Ruska Train With Transfers To Lviv Begins Test Operation

Poland will need several months to establish customs and border controls after the test operation, after which the date of the launch of regular train services will be announced.

First Tram Donated By Warsaw Gets On Tracks In Konotop

It will now perform test trips.

Farmers Urge EU To Abolish Veterinary Control On Ukrainian-Polish Border

The export of animal feed and feed grain from Ukraine began slowing down on the Ukrainian-Polish border at the beginning of 2023.

Train Intended For Donation To Kyiv Subway Performs Farewell Trip In Warsaw

The train will now be sent to Ukraine.

Number Of Ukrainian Professional Drivers In Poland Increases

Of the total number of professional driver's licenses issued to foreigners in 2022, over 79% were issued to citizens of Ukraine.

Poland Detains Russian Spies Who Installed Cameras For Monitoring Important Railway Junctions

They installed cameras on railway tracks in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, including around an airport in Jasionka near Rzeszów, the main area for the transshipment of Western weapons and ammunition intended for Ukraine.

Trains Not Yet Operating On Rehabilitated Railway Near Ukrainian-Polish Border

The Polish and Ukrainian sides apparently cannot agree on the launch of traffic on the border railway section.

Lithuania And Ukraine To Link Klaipeda And Odesa Ports By Rail

A corridor bypassing Belarus and Russia is important not only for Lithuania, but also for the other Baltic States, to operate their seaports efficiently.

First Batch Of Trams To Be Sent To Konotop Loaded In Warsaw

Contrary to the initial plans, the tram cars will arrive in Konotop by road and not by rail.

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