The Luganskteplovoz holding company (Lugansk) plans to supply 332 locomotives to the Russian Railways in 2014, a 24% increase compared with the approximately 260 locomotives it expects to supply this year. This was announced by the press service of Luganskteplovoz.

In particular, it plans to supply 220 2TE116U dual-section diesel locomotives, 88 2TE116UD diesel locomotives with engines manufactured by General Electric, and 24 three-section diesel locomotives to Russia.

Also in 2014, Luganskteplovoz plans to produce, test, and certify a prototype of the 2TE116UR locomotive with a diesel engine manufactured by the German company MTU, as well as to work on the design of a TE44 diesel locomotive with a capacity of 6,000 horsepower per section and a 2TE116UG diesel locomotive with a gas/diesel engine.

Luganskteplovoz is also hoping to manufacture locomotives under a contract with the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) for supply of 300 AC and DC locomotives to the Donetsk and Odessa railways.

"Provision is made for achieving the maximum acceptable localization of production of electric locomotive systems, components, and engines at Ukrainian companies. The deadline for completing the manufacture of this consignment of locomotives is the end of 2016. Production of electric locomotive in collaboration with our counterparts in Novocherkassk began in 2013, it will continue next year, and the plant will reach a production capacity of 100 electric locomotives per year in 2015. The Ukrainian companies that supply components and engines for production of electric locomotives will have to significantly increase their production volumes by that time,” Luganskteplovoz’s General Director Pavlo Tsesnek is quoted as saying.

As reported, Luganskteplovoz is to supply 28 electric locomotives of the series 2EL4 to Ukrzaliznytsia in in 2014 under the contract.

Luganskteplovoz produces mainline and shunting diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, direct- and alternating-current electric trains, and diesel trains. The company increased production by more than 70% in 2012, compared with 2011. It produced 162 locomotive units. It plans to produce 250 diesel locomotive units in 2012.