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Every Third Liter Of Gasoline In Ukraine Is Counterfeit

The share of counterfeit gasoline on the Ukrainian market will be at least 30 percent this year. Yurii Kuchabskyi, the vice president for commercial affairs for the OKKO chain of gasoline filling stations announced this in an interview with the Biznes publication

Uber Preparing To Begin Operation In Kiev

The Uber online taxi service has begun searching for candidates to head its Kiev office. The relevant advertisements were published on the website of the company and in the LinkedIn network.

Cars Older Than 5 Years Will Not Be Imported Into Ukraine

Ukraine committed itself to banning the importation of cars that do not meet the Euro-5 environmental standards from January 1 next year.

Ukraine Exempts Hybrid Vehicles From Special Import Duty

The commission concluded that Ukraine's national interests require exemption of hybrid cars from special import measures.

34 Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles To Launch In Ukraine Next Week

It will be possible to charge any electric car at these charging stations.

Ukraine May Impose Import Duties On Equipment And Vehicles From Russia

The list also includes building materials, agricultural products, agricultural engineering products, furniture, and others.

Automobile Production Down 13-Fold In Ukraine In August

The Kremenchug automobile assembly plant (KrASZ) and the Chasovoyarsky bus plant were idle in August.

Five Automobile Plants Suspend Operations In Russia

Production of automobiles and SKD will be suspended at two of AvtoVAZ’s plants from July 28. Return from vacation is planned for August 17.

Distribution Of Quotas For International Road Transport Abolished

Quotas for European and Asian countries were abolished

AvtoVAZ Stops Delivering Automobiles To Ukraine

The first quarter of every year is traditionally set aside for clarifying plans and signing export contracts

VAAID Expects Revival Of Automobile Market Following Abolition Of Recycling Tax

Demand should now accelerate because many Ukrainians previously decided to hold into their money until normalization of the situation

Ukrainian Car Market Declines By 7.4% In 2013

2013 was a year of crisis and dwindling sales for the car market

Ukraine May Allow Duty-Free Import Of Used Euro-V Trucks

The relevant proposal was considered at a meeting on December 10

Ukraine Considers Liberalizing Special Safeguard Measures For Vehicles

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine is considering the issues of stages and sizes regarding liberalization of this measure

Automobile Industry’s Debt: Why AIS Group And Yaroslavskyi’s Holding Are Fighting

The AIS group of companies has accused its creditor - Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi’s DCH holding - of attempted corporate raid. In turn, the DCH holding has accused the AIS group of companies of failing to repay its debt. This has resulted in a new round of confrontation between the creditor and the borrower.

Avis Ukraine To Move Its Car Rental Office To Boryspil Airport’s Terminal D Before End Of November

The company plans to move by mid-November

Bogdan And Ursus Consortium Delivers Five Trolleybuses To Lublin

In total, the manufacturers will deliver 38 trolleybuses to Lublin

Vasadze: Manufacturers May Begin Paying Recycling Tax On Imported Vehicles Within Six Months

But it will change nothing for consumers

UkrAvto: Rates Of Recycling Tax On Imported Vehicles Will Not Be Raised After Abolition Of Adjustment Coefficients

"They can remain as they are"

Vehicles Required To Travel With Dimmed Headlights From October 1 October 1, 2013

Drivers are obliged to follow the rule from October 1 to May 1.

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