The authorities in the Zakarpattia region have held talks on the future of the Uzhhorod airport with partners from neighboring Slovakia. The Slovak side discussed the possibility of launching regular flights on the Kyiv-Uzhhorod-Kosice route, the Zakarpattia region’s Governor Hennadii Moskal said.

A delegation from the Kosice airport, headed by the airport’s Director Michael Tmej, visited Uzhhorod last week. According to the head of Slovakia’s second largest airport, Uzhhorod offers every opportunity for regular links with Kyiv. He said that Kyiv-Uzhhorod-Kosice flight were also possible. However, to launch such flights, it is necessary to clarify some technical details and for Ukraine and Slovakia to simplify border crossing procedures.

The governor of the Zakarpattia region also announced that talks had been held with several carriers on resumption of regular flights between Uzhhorod and Kyiv. Moskal previously said that the Urga airline had expressed interest in such flights.

The distance between the Uzhhorod and Kosice airports is 106 kilometers. If flights are launched between the cities, they will be the shortest flights in both Ukraine and Slovakia. Previously, shorted was the flight between Chisinau and Odesa, which was operated by Air Moldova. The Dniproavia airline has also expressed its intention to operate a short flight.

Czech Airlines currently operates flights from Kyiv to Kosice. However, the stop in the Slovak city is intermediate because the flight continues to Prague.

As reported, regular flights to the Uzhhorod airport were suspended in early June. The airport has received 145 non-regular flights since the beginning of the year.