The Kyiv municipal administration has decided to build a new trolleybus line from the Zhulyany airport to the Teremky subway station. The relevant directive was published on the website of the Kyiv municipal administration.

Construction of the Zhulyany-Teremky trolleybus line will allow quick access to places of work, places of service, and cultural and educational institutions for nearly 6,000 passengers per hour. The new line will have stops at the Kyiv-Volynskyi commuter train station, the Zhulyany village, the Stolychnyi market, the Teremky-2 residential district, the Respublika shopping center, and the Teremky bus station.

There are currently two trolleybus routes to the Zhulyany airport: the trolleybus No. 9 (to the Lva Tolstova subway station) and the trolleybus No. 22 (to Olzhycha Street, near the Dorohozhychi subway station).

As the CFTS portal earlier reported, the Kyiv authorities plan to complete a new access road to the Zhulyany airport in 2017. The Kyiv authorities also plan to create a transfer hub at the Kyiv-Volynskyi commuter train station to enable passengers to reach the airport via commuter trains.