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Ukravtodor Repairs 50% Of State Roads Planned For 2019

Repairs of 319 roads are scheduled for 2019.

Ukravtodor Needs Over UAH 1 Trillion To Repair All Roads In Ukraine

UAH 600 billion is needed for repair of state roads and almost the same amount is needed for repair of local roads.

Ukravtodor Head Discloses Size Of Toll Fees On Ukrainian Highways

Slawomir Novak believes that toll fees will not be higher than the minimum toll fees in Europe.

Ukravtodor Signs EUR-132-Million Contract With Azerbaijani Company For Repair Of M-01 Highway

The works will be financed by the EBRD and the EIB.

Infrastructure Tenders On ProZorro Save over UAH 9 Billion in Budget Expenditures

The State Road Agency made the largest amount of savings

Ukraine To Grant Concessions For Operation Of All Regional Road Agencies

Some assets in the road industry are to be privatized by the year 2020

CoST Ukraine Reveals Average Road Repair Cost In 2017

10 largest contracts were worth a total of UAH 7.5 billion.

Ukravtodor’s Head Confirms Ukraine’s First Concession Highway Will Lead To EU

The first concession road will be a road from Lviv to the Ukrainian-Polish border

Slawomir Nowak: "I Have Survived This Year. A Kamikaze Does Not Survive"

In an exclusive interview with the CTFS portal, Slawomir Nowak discusses his success in Ukravtodor, failures and the plans for future.

Infrastructure Ministry Seeking To Link 13 Ukrainian Ports With Concrete Road

About USD 150-200 million is needed for construction of a concrete road between Odesa and Kherson.

Ukraine To Begin Replacing Asphalt Surfaces On Three Highways With Cement Concrete In 2018

The first project involves reconstruction of Zhytomyr’s northern bypass road

Toll Highway May Be Built Between Lviv And Ternopil

The option of construction of an Odesa-Reni toll highway was being considered

Cabinet Promises Over UAH 40 Billion For Road Repairs In 2018

The government allocated UAH 26 billion for repair and reconstruction of roads this year.

UAH 50 Billion To Be Allocated For Road Repairs In 2017-2018

UAH 30 billion will be spent for road constuction next year

Ukravtodor Presents First Structure For Slowing Traffic At Entrance To Population Center

Solar batteries installed on the facility

Ukravtodor To Use Engineering Solutions To Reduce Speed At Entrances To Cities And Villages

Ukravtodor also may reduce speed on roads in settlements from 60 to 50 km/h

Ukravtodor Begins Paying Debts To Contractors

Ukravtodor will pay out the UAH 723 million

Ukrdorinvest Discloses Average Cost Of Repairing One Kilometer Of Road In Ukraine

150,000 kilometers out of the 164,100 kilometers of paved roads in Ukraine need repair.

South Korea To Help Ukraine Establish Online Monitoring Of Road Repairs – Omelian

The system will monitor actual data

Asphalt Laid By Transcarpathian Villagers Survives, Ukravtodor Road Full Of Potholes

The villagers themselves repaired roads in the village with their own funds

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