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Ukravtodor Receives World Bank Loan Of USD 560 Million

The World Bank has already financed two projects involving repair and reconstruction of various sections of the M03 Highway.

Ukrainian Programmers Develop Navigation Application That Takes Account Of Road Quality

The application currently has more than 39,000 registered users.

Ukravtodor Launches Search For Investor In First Concession Road

The State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor) has launched a search for an investor in construction of the first concession road in Ukraine, which will connect Lvov and Krakovets.

Ukravtodor To Be Privatized In 2016

Privatization of the assets of the state automobile road agency (Ukravtodor) should take place in 2016.

Ukravtodor Wants Return To Financing Road Sector From State Budget’s Special Fund

Speaking about the need for a road fund, Pidhainyi said that revenues from target sources of funding should be accumulated into this road fund and that related amendments to the law will allow better control of budget revenues and their rational use.

Infrastructure Ministry Proposes Charging Vehicles Weighing More Than 12 Tons

This will allow accumulation of between UAH 4 billion and UAH 8 billion in additional funds for financing repair and construction work

World Bank Confirms Plans To Invest USD 800 Million In Rehabilitation Of Poltava-Kharkov Road

Upon completion, the road corridor from Kiev to Kharkov will be fully upgraded.

Deputy Prime Minister: New Roads And Railways Will Not Be Built In Ukraine In 2015

There are no resources for building anything, and it is most likely that there will also be none next year

Voschevskyi Appointed Deputy Prime Minister For Infrastructure

"Ukrzaliznytsia will not be able to move forward without privatization and modernization,"

Western Money: Can the Ukrainian Transport Industry Count on Financial Assistance from the EU?

The West is in no hurry to launch a Marshall Plan for Ukraine. The first "donor" conference on this issue will be held only in January. If the money is provided, then transport infrastructure will be a priority.

Opinion: It Is Necessary To Introduce Transport Levy For Local Budgets And Reduce Excise Tax

Local authorities will be able to manage the funds independently

Ukravtodor: Economic Losses From Bad Roads Reach UAH 24 Billion Per Year

"That is a very rough figure because we cannot calculate the losses of private companies"

Roads Getting Worse: How to Stop the Degradation of Ukraine’s Roads

The destruction of Ukraine’s roads will stop if it is ensured that the existing fuel surcharge (UAH 2.6 per liter of gasoline) is used for the intended purpose and if there is proper enforcement of size and weight requirements. What do officials and representatives of the automobile market think about this?

Ukravtodor Estimates Damage Caused By Fighting In Donbas At UAH 2.15 Billion

This amount is approximate because a full inspection has been performed only in the areas liberated from terrorists

Separatists Blow Up Bridge On Yenakievo-Shakhtersk-Amvrosievka Road

The explosion occurred 64 kilometers into the road between 06:00 and 09:00 on July 24.

Infrastructure Ministry Assessing Damage From Military Operations In Eastern Ukraine

Preliminary information indicates that 705 kilometers of roads will have to be restored in the Lugansk region and 228 kilometers in the Donetsk region.

Infrastructure Ministry Seeking To Reorient Cargoes From Trucks To Trains And Ships

"If we do not do this, then our roads will never be satisfactory for travel no matter how much money is spent on repair and reconstruction"

Ukravtodor’s Head To Become First Deputy Infrastructure Minister

Ukravtodor will be headed by its current deputy head.

European Commission To Monitor Ukravtodor

The largest state energy holding, Naftogaz of Ukraine, and the State Mortgage Institution will also be monitored.

Ukravtodor Names Region With Most Potholes

The largest areas of damaged road surfaces were found in the Odessa region

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