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11 Cities Ask Central Government To Facilitate Introduction Of Electronic Tickets

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian supports this initiative.

Lviv To Receive Seven Modern Elektron Trams

Elektron trams will be picked in November.

Another European Taxi Service Plans To Operate In Ukraine

Taxify has begun training taxi drivers in Kyiv and it is looking for a local manager in Dnipro and Lviv to enable it to launch quickly

First Train Departs From Kharkiv’s New Subway Station

Kyiv To Spent UAH 4.2 Billion On Subway Modernization Over Three Years

The plan is to acquire subway cars worth more than UAH 1.3 billion and perform major construction and modernization of the Kyiv subway.

Odessa To Purchase 45 new trolleybuses for EBRD loan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Odessa municipal enterprise Odesmiskelektrotrans have signed a loan agreement for a EUR 8 m loan for 12 years to upgrade trolleybuses.

EBRD Provides EUR 100 Million For Public Transport In Ukraine

The board of directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved provision of EUR 100 million for modernization of public transport in Ukrainian cities

EBRD May Provide Odessa EUR 8 Million For Purchase Of 45 New Trolleybuses

According to the tripartite agreement on preparation of credit funds 45 new trolleybuses are to be bought with credit from the EBRD

Infrastructure Ministry Announces Annual Requirement For New Trolleybuses And Trams

As of today, the minimum requirement for upgrade is about 400 trolleybuses and 200 trams per year.

Kiev Decides Return City Commuter Rail To Infrastructure Ministry, Kievpastrans, municipal transport, Serhii Maizel,

The head of the Kievpastrans municipal transport enterprise, Serhii Maizel, told the city council’s session that this would allow the enterprise to save UAH 40 million per year.

Ukrainian Cities Purchase Over 100 Trolleybuses In 2014

Six cities received new trolleybuses from manufacturers.

Kiev Seeking To Modernize More Subway Cars With Japanese Support

This will allow not only a 43% reduction in energy consumption

Bogdan Denies Being Fined For Defects In Trolleybuses Delivered To Poland

The company considers recent media reports claiming it had been fined as an attempt to discredit it.

Single Trip In Kiev Public Transport To Cost UAH 1.5

Tickets will cost UAH 3 for people paying for single trips.

Kiev City Administration Threatens To Dismiss "Appanage Princelings" From Subway

Because of disagreements over the issue of introduction of electronic travel tickets

Bogdan And Ursus Consortium Delivers Five Trolleybuses To Lublin

In total, the manufacturers will deliver 38 trolleybuses to Lublin

Into A Single Purse: How the New System for Paying For Public Transport in Kiev Will Work

Revolution is coming to Kiev city transport. The city authorities intend to implement a system involving the use of a single electronic ticket for traveling on buses, trolleybuses, trams, and the subway from January 1, 2014. How will this system work and what outcome of this reform are officials expecting?

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