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Uber Shuttle Trip To Cost UAH 15-30 In Kyiv

Uber Shuttle buses will operate on two routes in the capital city.

Alstom To Participate In Upgrade Of Urban Transport In Ukraine

The company wants to participate in modernization of subway and tram lines.

Dnipro To Receive EUR 13 Million For Acquisition Of 44 Trolley Buses

The money will come from the EBRD and the Clean Technology Fund.

Ukraine To Buy 227 Buses, 153 Trolleybuses, 56 Trams With EIB Funds In 2019

The project will be financed with state-guaranteed loans from the EIB.

Kyivmetrobud Offers Lowest Price In Tender For Extension Of Kyiv Subway To Vinogradar

The price offered by Kyivmetrobud is UAH 12.214 million lower than the expected price.

Kyiv Planning to Abolish Route Taxis by 2024

40% of the route taxis in Kyiv currently operate illegally

Kyiv Subway Discloses Its Largest Item Of Expenditure

Wages will account for approximately 45% of the Kyiv subway’s expenditures

Elektron Completes Delivery Of Trams To Kyiv Under 2017 Contract

The new tramcars will perform trial runs over a period of one month.

EBRD To Invest EUR 150-200 Million In Ukrainian Transport Industry In 2018

The bank would sign about 25-30 contracts in all sectors this year.

Over 30 Leased Trams Operating In Kharkiv

In total, 276 tramcars were in operation in Kharkiv

Prague Donates 10 Used Trams To Mariupol In 2017

Mariupol also purchases second-hand trams from Europe

Tenders Invited For UAH-6.3-Billion Extension Of Kyiv Subway

Bidding itself will take place on March 27.

Lviv-Based Elektrontrans Delivers Second Tram To Kyiv Under New Contract

All the seven trams stipulated in this contract should be delivered to Kyiv by December 29

25-Kilometer Trolleybus Route Opens In Dnipro

Eight new trolleybuses operate on the route.

Automated Payment System Introduced At Klovska Subway Station

Passengers can buy tickets with a QR code

First Of 10 Trams Planned For 2017 Built In Odesa

The vehicle will begin transporting passengers in Odesa within 2-3 days.

Kyiv Subway To Become Barrier-Free Within Three Years

Firstly, the subway stations that are large transport hubs will be repaired.

Chinese Consortium To Manage Project For Construction Of Fourth Subway Line In Kyiv

Experts from the Chinese side will study the current state of the project

Kyivpastrans To Purchase Seven More 30-Meter Trams

Previously Kyiv purchased trams from the Elektrontrans and Tatra Yug companies.

Second 16-Meter VinWay Tram Built In Vinnytsia

The tram will begin operation on city routes within a few days

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