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Austrian Company Charters Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s Volga Motor Ship For 2018

The Volga motor ship will make seven-day trips between Budapest and Passau.

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Increases Cargo Transportation By 6% In 1H 2017

The main types of cargo did not change

Two 170-Ton Reactors Delivered From Kherson To Belarus Via River Dnipro

The river route was covered in 12 days

Infrastructure Ministry Proposes Raising Lockage Fee On River Dnipro By 64.5%

This will ensure a cumulative revenue growth of UAH 19.5 million per year

Nibulon Launches Regular High-Speed Boats On Dnipro And Southern Bug Rivers

A ticket from Mykolaiv to the Kinburn Spit costs UAH 180

Nibulon Launches Third New-Generation Tugboat

Similar tugboats “Yurii Makarov” and “Anatolii Hankevych” were launched earlier.

Nibulon Plans To Revive Navigation On River Desna In 2018

Nibulon currently transports goods on rivers Dnipro and Southern Bug

Kiliya Shipyard Launches New Barge For First Time 10 Years

The Kiliya shipyard plans to build another barge of this type this this year.

River Cruise Ship Enters In Odesa For First Time In Two Years

Ninety-eight passengers from the United States and Germany arrived onboard the ship.

Ust-Dunaisk Port Receives First Cruise Ship From Europe In 2017

The Nestroy vessel operates on the Vienna-Vilkove route.

Nibulon To Increase Its Fleet To 100 Ships Within 4 Years And Build Passenger Vessels

Nibulon will be able to transport up to 4 million tons per year

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Doubles Its Monthly Cargo Transport Volume

The company transported 243,000 tons cargoes in March

Ukrrichflot Adds New Vessel To Its Fleet

The container ship was built in 1998

Rada To Open Ukrainian Rivers To Foreign Vessels

The number of vessels operating under the Ukrainian flag reduces every year.

Nibulon Launches Fifth 70-Foot Barge This Year

The vessels are being built with a loan from the European Investment Bank

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Adds 60 Vessels To Its Fleet

The contract for construction of the barges was concluded during the Soviet era.

UDP Launches New Tourist Route From Danube Delta To Central Europe

Previously, the company operated only as a ship owner leasing vessels to travel companies.

Nibulon Sets Record For Cargo Transportation By River

Nibulon have performed more than 150 trips on the Southern Bug River

Volume Of Grain Transportation On River Dnipro Increases By 10% – Expert

The increase was due to the introduction of weight and dimension controls on roads

Nibulon To Begin Transporting Passengers On High-Speed Hydrofoil Boats

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