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203,000 Tons Of Iron-Ore Concentrate Loaded Onto Vessel At Yuzhny Seaport

The XANADU vessel was loaded in less than seven days.

Ukrzaliznytsia Explains Railcar Congestion At Western Border Crossings

Track repair works have been actively performed in recent months

Infrastructure Ministry Launches Pilot Project Involving Weighing Of Trucks In Motion

The WiM complex will allow detection of overloaded vehicles

Ukrzaliznytsia Achieves 50% Of Target For Manufacture Of Gondola Cars At Its Factories In 2017

547 gondola cars were produced at the Darnytskyi railcar repair plant

Ukrzaliznytsia Announces Experimental Launch Of Automated System For Distributing Empty Railcars

Experimental operation of the system began on September 15.

Yuzhny Seaport Increases Cargo Handling By 6.4% In January-July

The volume of dry bulk cargo handled in the Yuzhny seaport increased by 8.1%

1,000 Gondola Cars Suddenly Added To Ukrzaliznytsia’s Fleet

The railcars belonged to Unison Group LLC

Nibulon’s Watermelon Barge Fails To Reach Kyiv

The barge’s journey is of historical significance.

Ukrzaliznytsia Increases Daily Average Grain Loading By 7% In July

308,700 grain cars have been loaded since the beginning of 2017.

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Increases Cargo Transportation By 6% In 1H 2017

The main types of cargo did not change

Ukrainian Seaports Increase Cargo Handling By 5% In 1H 2017

The volume of transshipment of cereals increased by 20%

Ukraine And Georgia Discussing Creation Of Joint Venture To Operate Ferries On Black Sea

Joint venture will implement the ‘single window’ principle in goods handling

Yuzhny Port Expects To Receive Three Vessels Carrying Coal From South Africa Before September

More than 225,000 tons of coal will be sent to Ukrainian thermal power plants

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Expects Seaports’ Grain Capacity To Increase To 100 Million Tons In Five Years

Ukraine exported 43.8 million tons of grain in the 2016/2017 marketing year

Yuzhny Seaport Processes Nearly 100 Vessels And Handles 6.6 Million Tons Of Cargo In 1HY 2017

97% of the total volume of cargoes it handled belonged to the SCM Group’s enterprises

Nibulon Launches Third New-Generation Tugboat

Similar tugboats “Yurii Makarov” and “Anatolii Hankevych” were launched earlier.

Nibulon Plans To Revive Navigation On River Desna In 2018

Nibulon currently transports goods on rivers Dnipro and Southern Bug

Ukraine’s Ruslan Aircraft Transports 24-Ton Cargo Through Andes In Record Time

The plane delivered the two large industrial piping filtration units

Ukrzaliznytsia Increases Freight Transportation By 5.9% In First Quarter

The average daily productivity of freight cars increased by 265 tons/kilometer net

Port Yuzhny loads up to full draft one of the largest bulkers in its history

201,922 tons of iron ore concentrate were loaded in 3.5 days.

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