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Over 95,000 Ukrainians Travel To EU On Biometric Passports

Only 5% of Ukrainians have traveled to the European Union on biometric passports.

Ukrzaliznytsia Implementing Major Program Involving Installation Of Equipment For Cooling And Heating Trains

120 380-volt power supply units for air conditioning were put into operation

Load Factor Of High-Speed Trains Reaches 92% In Ukraine

Most of the high-speed trains’ passengers were transported to Kharkiv

Passenger Services Of All Ukrzaliznytsia Regional Branches Transferred To Passenger Division On July 1

Assets of the South-Western Railway were the first to be transferred to the new division.

Nibulon Launches Regular High-Speed Boats On Dnipro And Southern Bug Rivers

A ticket from Mykolaiv to the Kinburn Spit costs UAH 180

Ukrzaliznytsia Decides To Purchase 11 More Transformer Railcars

Ukrzaliznytsia bought 13 transformer railcars last year.

Boryspil Airport To Increase Annual Passenger Traffic To 15 Million In Three Years

Boryspil airport handled 8.65 million passengers in 2016.

Train To Chelm Used By 92 Passengers

The rail bus has a total capacity of 182 passengers

Turkish Authorities Approve Agreement Allowing Ukrainian Citizens To Travel To Turkey With ID Cards

Ukrainian citizens have already been issued more than 550,000 ID cards.

UIA To Sell One-Way Tickets For Domestic Flights For UAH 249

About 7-10% of the seats on airplanes will be sold at cheap prices.

Gyro Scooter And Parrot: What Passengers Forgot In Uber Cars In Ukraine

The most unusual items left in Uber cars include a wedding ring

Ust-Dunaisk Port Receives First Cruise Ship From Europe In 2017

The Nestroy vessel operates on the Vienna-Vilkove route.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Purchase 250 Railcar Lavatories For UAH 1 Million Per Unit

The tender will take place at 13:10 on June 9.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Install New External Power-Supply Units For Cooling And Heating Passenger Trains

785 external power-supply units for cooling and 41 for heating passenger cars will be operated

Ukrzaliznytsia To Get Rid Of ‘Biting’ Blankets, Feather Pillows, And Waffle Towels

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to abandon the summer and winter blanket options

Ukrzaliznytsia Invites Tenders For Supply Of 38 Passenger Railcars

Potential suppliers can submit tenders until April 3

Balczun Announces New High-Speed Train Routes To Be Launched In 2017

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to buy the trains with its own funds

Ukrzaliznytsia To Launch Second Train With Transformer Railcars

Ukrzaliznytsia launched the first train made up of transformer cars on January 17.

Ukrzaliznytsia Launches Smartphone App For Purchasing Train Tickets

The application is already available on the Google Play store

Odesa Airport’s New Terminal Commissioned

The new terminal will begin handling domestic flights in spring this year.

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